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Study Abroad Scholarships in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students. Canada offers scholarships to international students for undergraduate studies, graduate programs and postgraduate/doctoral programs. Majority of the scholarships available for international students are offered by Universities in Canada. Students can apply for scholarship once they get an offer for studying specific program at the university. The students need to have excellent academic record to get the scholarship offered. Let’s take a look at different scholarships offered for studying in Canada.

Scholarships for Undergraduate Programs:

Concordia University Scholarships:

The scholarship is available at two levels; full time or part time. The primary criteria for selection are last annual GPA. However, academic excellence alone is not a guarantee to get the scholarship. Students with more than 24.00 credits in Regular session are eligible for full time scholarships while students with less than 24.00 credit score in Regular session are eligible to apply for part time scholarships. For more detailed information, click on Concordia University Scholarships.

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships:

The scholarship is available to international students pursuing undergraduates programs at University of British Columbia, Canada. The scholarships amount commensurate with the degree of financial need and generally covers full tuition costs, living expenses. The scholarship can be extended for all four years of undergraduate study at the university provided the student maintains a good academic standing. For more detailed information, click UBC’s International Leaders of Tomorrow Award.

Scholarships for Graduate and Post Graduate studies:


UMGF Scholarships in Canada for International Students:

The scholarship is available to students who get admission for full-time graduate studies (Masters or PhD) at University of Manitoba, Canada. The value of fellowships is different for Masters and PhD degree. For Masters- $12,000 and for PhD- $16,000. The eligibility criterion for the fellowship is good academic record- minimum GPA of 3.75. For more detailed information, click on University of Manitoba-Graduate Funding Awards


FDU International Graduate Scholarship:

The scholarship is available to students with offer to complete graduate and post graduate studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The total yearly scholarship amount is $1,000 to $10,000. The eligibility criterion for the scholarship is demonstrated financial need and good academic record. The university also offers scholarships for undergraduate studies. For more details about the scholarships, click on Fairleigh Dickinson University Scholarships.

Other Scholarships:

Carleton University Entrance Scholarships for International Students

The entrance scholarships are available for students having 80 percent or more who are offered admission at Carleton University. The university offers fellowship grants for different programs and disciplines which include Engineering, Earth Sciences, Broadcast Journalism, Religion studies, Communication Engineering and many more. The scholarships are renewable and student is required to maintain an annual GPA of 10.0 in order to renew the fellowship grant for every academic year at Carleton university. For more detailed information click on the link, Carleton University Scholarships for International Students.





Other Scholarships for International Students in Canada.





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