Scholarships for International Students : UK

UK is one of the preferred study abroad destination for Indian and international students. However, studying in UK is quite expensive. However, the UK government and educational institutions in UK offer several scholarships to International students. We have categorized the scholarships offered at different program levels – Undergraduate programs, Bachelor’s program, Masters Program. In UK, majority of the scholarships are offered by the universities.

Scholarship Programs for Undergraduate Studies:

Westminster Undergraduate Scholarships for Developing Countries:
The scholarship is awarded for full-time undergraduate courses at Westminster University for students of developing countries. The scholarship includes waiver of full tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation and travelling expenses to and from London to student’s home country. To apply for the scholarship you need to be a citizen of developing country and have an offer for completing fulltime undergraduate course at Westminster University.

For more information about the scholarship, click Westminster Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Programs for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree:

Westminster International Scholarships for Developing Countries:
Westminster University also offers scholarships to international students for graduate programs. The scholarships have different level of funding- Full Fee Waiver Scholarships, Half Fee Waiver Scholarships, Part Fee Waiver Scholarships, Organ Scholarships. The eligibility criteria for the scholarship is the applicant must have an offer for studying post graduate degree program in the university, academic excellence and financial need.

For more details and details of other scholarships offered for post graduate programs, click on the link, Post Graduate Scholarships at University of Westminster

Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students:
The scholarship is available to international students for any full time post graduate course in Cambridge University. Since there are many applicants for the scholarship, the basis of selection is academic excellence. The Gates Cambridge Scholarships covers full cost of studying, maintenance allowance and cost of most economical airfare from student’s resident country to UK and return journey. For more detailed information, click on Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships:
These scholarships are available to students belonging to Commonwealth countries for post graduate studies in UK. The Commonwealth Scholarships are funded by UK Department for International Development (DFID). Every Commonwealth country has a nominating agency through which students can apply. Since the number of Commonwealth Scholarships for each year is limited to 300 only, there is no guarantee that every nominated student will get the scholarship. The selection committee of Commonwealth Scholarships judges the applicant on different parameters which includes academic merit of the candidate, quality of the proposal and the likely impact of the work on the development of applicant’s home country.

For more details click on the link, Commonwealth Scholarships

Scholarships for Short Courses:

Chevening Scholarships for Indian Students:
Indian students wanting to study in UK can apply for Chevening Scholarships. There are several Chevening Scholarships available for students coming from diverse educational backgrounds. The applicant for the scholarship is judged on different parameters which includes academic potential, intelligence, strength of character, self management, integrity, wish to “Make a difference” and relevant interests outside work.For more information click on the link, Chevening Scholarships

There many other scholarships available for studying in UK. Please click on the links to know more about them

Erasmus Scholarships

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